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    Default Mosquito Spraying

    I must admit - before I became a beekeeper I always thought it was kind of cool to see the giant planes just above the treetops spraying, and spraying, and spraying. It turns out they're using Dibrom Concentrate, poisonous to adult honeybees (and possibly larvae?)

    I closed my bees in last night and have water feeders on top. I covered the whole hives with light colored sheets and hosed them down this morning. Screened bottom boards, and I plan to leave the outer-cover cracked. My hives are in full sun - it will be ~90F today.

    The spraying might be going on all week.
    Any other advice?

    The county provided press releases to local newspaper about how concerned they were and how they hoped to "avoid" beehives if locations were know. No mention of potentially killing foragers (they start ~3hrs before sunset) or other beneficial insects.

    thanks in advance -BH

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    Default Re: Mosquito Spraying

    (they start ~3hrs before sunset)
    There is the problem they should bee spraying after dark when the bees aren`t flying but-----
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    Default Re: Mosquito Spraying

    What happened?
    I'm facing the Dibrom spraying now. I'll follow your example, but you posted 4 years ago, did you come through with your bees?


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