Fellow Beekeepers

Here are the details of our next meeting, which will be this coming Saturday, June 25.

This meeting will be a field day working with actual bee hives.


· The meeting will begin at 9:00 AM

· The meeting will be at the OSU Klamath Basin Agriculture Experiment Station, not the Extension Center. The address is 6941 Washburn Way, beyond Joe Wright Road, near the airport. There will be signs at the Experiment Station to direct you to the bee hive area.

· Program

1. Question and answer session about your own hives

2. Hive inspections. We’ll be opening several hives to check their condition. Topics to be discussed include

Smoker lighting
How to open and inspect a hive
Discussion of the condition of each hive and what actions, if any should be taken

· Here’s what to bring

1. A veil and protective gear to avoid stings.

2. A hat and sunscreen.

3. A folding chair. There will be no chairs, so bring a folding chair if you want to sit down.

4. Something to drink. The weather is likely to be warm.

5. A sack lunch if you want and we can continue the discussion over food.

If you have questions or need more information, e-mail us at klamathbeekeepers@gmail.com or call Tom at (541) 850-8384 or Jim at (541) 892-5888.