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    Default When should I see progress from new queen?

    On the 26th of May, I put some brood in one of my queen-less hives. They promptly made two queen cells and capped them before the 3rd of June, my next inspection. On the 14th of June, I noticed both cells were opened and empty, I can only assume I now have a virgin queen floating around in there someplace. I checked them again today (18th), and saw no sign of the queen or of any eggs or anything. The bees, however, are busy filling the brood comb with honey and nectar. When should I start seeing some activity so I will know the hive is queen-right again?

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    Default Re: When should I see progress from new queen?

    First of July. That allows two weeks which is normal. I would leave it alone until then. If there are no eggs by 7th July then you are likely queenless.

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    Default Re: When should I see progress from new queen?

    Starting about 3 wks from the time you gave them the brood............. You shouldn't be meddling with them except for 1 check about 5 days after you gave them the brood to see if they started cells. Each time you inspect while cells are being made or finished and waiting to hatch you risk injuring them. If after 4 wks of placing the brood in you dont see eggs you may have problems. Give them another brood frame with eggs and larva. If they don't make cells again they have a queen or soon to be laying workers.
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