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Thread: Bee Spy camera

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    Quote Originally Posted by tecrench View Post
    How did you get power source? Cabin is only 125 feet you can run 24v and step it down to 12 v at the cam get 1500' for the power. run a cat5 video Balun ( up to 2 miles or on fiber $$$ many miles).
    Also on the DVR or webserver stuff, getting one has an app for the smart phone or iPad is a great way to check up on your property
    I'm thinking about making a trench with my chain saw (old chain) and running outdoor wire down to the hive with the end capped with an outdoor rated outlet. But sounds like you are saying step it down to 12 volts which would make it easier in terms of what actually has to be at the end of the line attached to the camera.

    Like the idea of a smart phone application to view. Noticed some camera manufactures have web based viewing with camera. I'm going to most likely use the same setup for a home security camera so will probably figure out how to hang it off my server anyway.

    Link to camera using windows home server:
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    I can see the cost if it is for work as well ...been a few times I have wanted to look inside a cylinder to look for things wrong inside without tearing down a engine to look in one cylinder

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    You go to online at
    It has more choice for you. You can choose different cameras.

    I bought from is good reliable and friendly.

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    There are several kinds of spy cams. You first have to know what you need it exactly for. Than you think about how much you want to spend on the spy cam and than go to your local spy shop or an online spy shop and look what they have in supply.


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