3 of 5 swarms after 2 weeks have gone queenless, & splits (6) made w/capped cell cups lookin pretty bleak, 1 large extraction no Qn no Qn cells, not to mention I released 3 virgins into 3/ 5 frame nucs & no eggs or brood or sign of Qns. I am thinking that maybe 8 nucs I have reserved may go to requeening/ combining some of these queenless.

I put Qn into ML gell grid for 24 hrs, when I went to release her I saw no eggs(not saying there wasn't any, just can't see that well). I left cell grid in thinking maybe they need to clean/aromatize it longer. I would like to get these colonies ramped up for the summer & running into challenges. Going from 2, to 6 now 20+ has me thoroughly but excitedly CONFUSED.

Suggestions please.