There has been a discussion on another thread about beekeeping without smoke and the benefits and detriments thereof.

It has developed a tangent re smoke and BBQ . . . which you can lay on my head. Mea Culpa.

So, since it's summer, what are YOUR favorite BBQ recipes using SMOKE AND HONEY?

I'll have to grab my 'receipt book' and check my notes. But I promise to report back.

What kind of meat? What kind of wood? Mop sauce? Rub? Only dipping sauce? Time and temps? What's your preference? Any awards?

(And since BBQ discussions get testier than politics AND religion combined, let's agree to be nice.)

By my definition, smoking and BBQ means cooking 'low and slow' at 300 degrees or less. Above that, and you're 'grilling'.

Hambone, please limit the number of your recipes to 10!