New to beekeeping and looking to experiment with making queens.
Here is the method I propose to use. I would appreciate any feedback from all of you experienced folk. I installed packages in mid April.

I have 2 hives one very strong (A) and the other doing well but not as good (B) . I propose to use this queen (A) to mate from and then use the colony (A) to rear the queen cells after I graft them. I would take the good queen (A) and make a 5 frame nuc with two frames of brood from the strong hive (A) and one from the weak hive (B) (with bees brushed off) and have a nuc feeder on top. I propose to allow the strong hive (A) to keep one of the queen cells and then make some other nucs with the other queens. Just trying to learn as i go along!

Also is it allowed to share queens (ie do you have to have a license to give queens away or sell them?)