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    Default 5 Frame Nuc oil pan

    Does anyone have a recommendation on a pan that can be used to catch shb as well as varroa similar to the ones used for a full 10 frame hive?

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    Default Re: 5 Frame Nuc oil pan

    I looked all over on this one, I ended up getting a sheet of flashing and making my own. I built a frame on my work bench that matched the perimeter of the pan that I wanted. I cut a board that would fit into the frame, with about 1/16" of clearance. I laid the sheet over the frame, then put the board over the sheet and beat it into the frame. This resulted in a very primative pan. I popped the pan out and ground the edges down. It worked, but wasn't pretty. I was having trouble getting my nucs started - while battling the beetles. The best advice I got was to put my hives into full sun. I did this and it worked. There are still a few beetles when I open my hives, but not more than they can fight. All I can say is make sure they are in full sun all day, not just a portion of the day.

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    Default Re: 5 Frame Nuc oil pan

    Go with the wife to the grocery or Wally World one day. They have aluminum pans and trays in many sizes.

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