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    Default Who's robbing whom?

    I have two hives. I just had a robbing situation get underway in the last two days, due to allowing too big an entry into my hives, and also due to sorting out some old comb (with bits of honey in it) from last year's hives on the grass too close to the bee area. Both things I'd heard you shouldn't do, but now I really get it. So, I've closed down the entries to about 2 inches for each hive, and cleaned up all the extra sweet stuff around the hives, and things are settling down.

    What I'm curious about is: who's robbing whom? Both hives seemed to have equally frenzied wrestling matches going on at their entries. No one else in my area keeps honeybees, so there aren't any strange bees around. Does each hive rob the other one when you have two? You'd think that one hive would be the aggressor and one the victim.

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    Default Re: Who's robbing whom?

    The dance language for nearby sources just tells recruits go out and look around. If both hives were stimulated by local sources, I suppose each would test the other.

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