I have a cut out to do and it is over an hour from my house so I need to have all the right tools with me, not back at the farm, LOL!

Here is a pic

They cut an opening with a chain saw early in spring when it was cold. Its in a basswood tree. I can cut the opening open more but they want to keep the tree. The opening in the pic looks bigger than it is. Its maybe 4" by 8". I could see drone brood and the rest just look like empty comb when I was there. The next did not appear to be wide but it extends up and down from opening. I am guessing its really tall and narrow. The opening is maybe a little over seven feet up.

I need to know all the tools I need to have with me. I have never done this before but I am not scared whatsoever. Here is what I am planing on bringing now.

-Bee vac hooked to a deep box
-two deeps with empty frames and rubber bands for brood
-two five gallon buckets for honey comb
-sharp knives for cutting comb out
-chain saw to cut open tree
-six foot step ladder
-bee suit, smoker, hive tool....

Im sure it cant be that simple, What else do I need or what will make my life easier!

My plan is to cut the tree open till I find the bottom of the nest then work my way up. I am going to bring a small colony and some empty boxes to leave behind to clean up the mess of left over honey and comb in the tree.

Thanks for any advise you can give me. This is going to cost me more in gas and time then its worth but I want the experience and pics and video for my website and bragging rights, LOL! The bees did survive one winter in that tree so ill take the genetics too. They are bright yellow bees. They dont know of any beekeeper in the area but that dont mean anything. Im sure they are only first or second generation ferals but who knows.