I have been doing some reading into the use of bee venom for scars. A friend put me onto it after seeing a site on the internet where someone stung their scars and it improved the look and feel of them - so much so that the person using it believed they would completely disappear. Risky I know. However, after reading so many positive before and after stories on the internet, coupled with the cost/limited success of mainstream treatments I thought it might be wise to give it a go.

I stung a scar of mine last week and the area puffed up for 3 days. A few large pimples rose to the surface on day 3 where id stung and im taking it, thats the venom being expelled. I havent noticed any improvement to the scars. One actually feels thicker underneath where id stung it, like there are some additional ropes that have been created. Most importantly though, there has been no improvement to the tone or colour of the scar.

Is this a sign of infection or is this normal? I'd love to continue the therapy but im a little stunned by the lack of results, especially when the stories made it sound like a sure thing.

I'd be keen to get your results on all of this

Yours kindly