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    Default Caught a Swarm... 3 weeks later... Not so strong...

    Hey Beekeepers,
    We caught a swarm 3 weeks ago, and when checking it out today, it didn't look so strong.
    There are about 2.5 brood frames of bees, but no evidence of eggs/larva/brood. We didn't see a queen either, but the bees were quite calm.

    Our questions:
    1. Does this sound normal? Or does this sound like a very weak swarm?
    2. Is it normal for no eggs 3 weeks post-capture? (perhaps it's an afterswarm and the queen has taken her sweet time finding mates)
    3. Is this swarm viable to keep? If so, how should we beef it up? (if not, I suppose we'll just combine it with another hive)

    College Beekeeper

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    Default Re: Caught a Swarm... 3 weeks later... Not so strong...

    Sounds like you may not have a queen.If you have made sure you do not have a queen, You have 2 options. First option is to order a queen, when received she should have already been bread and ready to lay.I just recently ordered 2 queens for 2 hives (russell apiaries)and explained I had 2 queenless hives. Received them next day.Your second option is to remove a frame of brood that includes 2to 3 day old eggs from another hive and let them create their own queen. This is a lot more time consuming than just going ahead and ordering the queen.

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