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    Greetings All,

    For the past 3 years, a high school student form our church has had bees on our property. He went off to college this last year so I decided to get 2 hives of my own. We have 1 Italian hive and 1 carnoilan hive. Although the hives are mine, I have an 8 year old who claimed the Italians and my 10 year old claimed the Carnoilans each referring to them as "My Hive" and "Your Hive".

    I've been reading "Beekeeping for Dummies" and have learned quite a bit from this forum already. Both queens were out of their cages after 4 days, but I see no evidence of egg laying yet after 7 days. I'm leaving them alone for another week and then going to check this Saturday 6/4 to see if there are any egg cells.

    I'm using brand new plastic frames smeared with bees wax which is working great. I have a 2 frame feeder in the second hive body that is still half full of feed after 10 days. The bottom hive body has all 10 frames now and a few are very colorful with whatever they gathered.

    I guess I will post some questions in the appropriate categories soon.

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    they need time to build the comb and then she will lay if you have comb available and good source of food they should start leave them a lone then check in a another week or two.

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    Welcome, nothing like a family adventure!

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    Hi, & Welcome,


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