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    I have a big hive and I am a new bee keeper! The hive is in its 3rd spring. I fed them all winter and here is what I have 2 deep brood boxes completely filled. I added a honey super when honey flow started, They have not even gone up into it it, is empty. I even add a shim with a entrance for them to get into it. They have swarmed 2 times. I can not control them. Since I am a new bee keeper and have 2 new hives elsewhere on my property and those bees are and do everything that my bee class and the books have said. I love them and they are doing everything right. This big hive is very strong and scares me a bit. When I check on them there are so many bees I end up closing them back up. I have water for them I have ventilated them, I have taken the hive reducers out. I have order a whole new hive so to split them. When and how to do that will be a problem. I have not found the queen in there as to many bees. How do I proceed with the honey flow coming to an end , I know they will get a little defensive. Here is what I ordered 2 - 8 frame deep brood boxes and then some 8 frame med. supers and of course all the tops and bottom stuff, It is all ready to go how can I help this hive?

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    Welcome, you might want to split them into two hives and sell one if you cannot keep both just so this one is manageable.

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    We don't have our flow here for another month. If you have a queen excluder on your hive take it off for a bit and the bees should come up, if not you can always shake some bees up into your super or move some honey up there to get them to move up.

    Split the hive in half and soon you will know which half has the queen.
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