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    Hi, I'm Chris from the tiny town of Exeter California. We grow oranges, oranges and more oranges here. Next time you see a box of Sunkist products, look at the label and it may just be from Exeter.

    I'm a math teacher, married with three small girls. I've been looking for a hobby/summer business for a number of years now and I'm convinced that beekeeping is it! It fits my schedule so perfectly.

    I started buying beekeeping equipment in April after building my first top bar hive and finding a local landowner who was willing to have bees on her property. By the time I had my suit and tools, I was about out of cash and packages of bees were running dry.

    So for now, I'm really just preparing for next season. I've found that I like building Warre hives much more than the V-shaped top-bar hives. I have built 4 Warre hives, my original top-bar hive and two swarm trap hives. This summer will be spent continuing to build hives, find swarms and in general, get to know to work with bees.

    I would like to grow this into a small business, serving my town of Exeter (10,000 people) with the best naturally produced honey possible. But for now, I'll just be content building up the number of colonies in my apiary.

    Thanks, Chris20110529_162.JPG

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    Hi Chris! Welcome to the forum and good luck with your new hobby/business.

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    Welcome Chris,

    You'll find that your carpentry skills will save you money in your beekeeping business. I went from buying everything initially to
    buying only frames now because they're cheaper to buy by the case than to make them. I make everything else. It's fun and it's
    nice to make special hives for the girls.

    Charlie in SF


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