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    people ,
    well late spring and the girls are ...well...busy as bees !!

    i have three nucs that i would like to use as traps - i have placed three old "black" drawn out frames in them and a dab of lemon grass oil in each nuc -

    each one is on the edge of the woods with water and open area nearby , all three face east - actually i placed them on deer stands !!! so all three are about 15 feet off the ground -

    what have i forgotten and what swarm lure do you recommend ??

    thanks in advance for your help ,

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    Default Re: what swarm lure

    queen pheremone or artificial queen pheremone is the strongest!

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    If you're only using one thing, it's hard to beat lemongrass essential oil. If you want maximum effect add queen juice (alcohol from retired queens in alcohol) or QMP (sold as Bee Boost by Mann Lake). A quarter of one of the pieces of Bee Boost is sufficient for a bait hive. The two together are pretty irresistible, but if you put them in a box of old brood comb, you really stack the deck.
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