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    Have had a gum hive here for about a month. this is very large close to 6' tall and probably 4' around. haven't had enough guts or time to split the log and get these bees in a hive so I screwed on a cut out inside cover to the top of the log which is wide open and then attache a medium with half drawn half foundationless frames to that along with covers. Nothing has happened up there until the last day or so. The bees are starting to work this super now. The problem is now what do I do? I cant add another super to the top as it is very tall now and where I have is stood up makes it basically impossible. Should I bite the bullet and get them in a box, or was wondering if i could just use this hive for resources. Meaning let them work a super until about full after getting a queen excluder under it then take it off add it, bees and all to one of my other hives and add another empty? Or maybe leave the excluder out and make sure i dont get the queen when switching and let another hive work the brood and everything. Any thoughts?

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    You didn't want to do a trap out?
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