I am almost embarrased to post this but if it helps others, it's worth it.

It was the first serious inspection in a couple of weeks and found 11 swarm cells in my healthiest hive. (!) Then on to my bear-damaged hive.

Recovery is going well but a couple of the frames showed foundation damage I hadn't seen the night I put everything back together. So (focusing only on the comb and not the bees) I cleaned off a 3"x4" piece of irregular/burr comb and dropped it on a spare bottom board I keep next to the hives. Worked for a while straightening this and that and then closed everything up.

Went back over to watch the girls clean up the nectar in the burr comb and..... what the heck..... There, walking around looking very confused was a queen. I quickly popped the outer cover off and walked her into the hole. Almost immediately, a dozen or so bees formed a circle around the entrance in the "she's back" fanning posture. (It's amazing that they missed her than quickly.) That was just to close.

I guess the lesson is, "NEVER get casual... or don't ever throw any comb away without checking to see if you have an important hitchhiker.