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    Default Russians for Canada

    Hi, I live in Canada where the winters are rough(I live a bit further north then 52 degrees north latitude) and I was wondering since Russians are used to hard winters and are used to heavy mite populations if they'd be easy to keep compared to Italians minus swarm control.

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    Default Re: Russians for Canada

    I like the Russians (Francois Petits, Pilgrim Honey House near Ottawa). I also like my Italians, and my Buckfast, and my Ontario, and my...

    They all have pros and cons. The Russians tend to overwinter in smaller clusters. This is more frugal on stores, but then they have a smaller population for spring build up. They are good with varroa, but so are my hygienic Ontario bees. So far, my best hives have been from local stock, and as a relatively new beekeeper (4 years), I find that my (mis)management of the hives is a far bigger factor in the hives' success/failure than their genetics.

    That said, go local if you can, and try the Russians. I like them.



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