I am not trying to be a smart alec, and my heart really goes out to anyone who has to live in an area prone to tornado's.

But here is my question.

Why are houses in those parts built mostly on slabs?, here in NewEngland almost every house has a cellar, and the few that do not were built in area's of high water tables. My brother in law lives in North Carolina and tells me that they will only build a house with a cellar if it's finished and its floor sits at ground level? His idea of tornado safety is the closet under the staircase. My uncle house in Ohio is on a slab, my cousin in Florida house is on a slab?

It seems to me that in the cellar of a house would be the only safe place to be if you had a tornado warning.

I am just curious, I have never made it south of Pennsylvania or west or Indiana.

Are the houses built that way due to a high water table, snakes, insects, etc?