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    Default Re: Better Grafting tools

    I would be interested in some info on this as well, is it just a 000 round paint brush like these?

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    Default Re: Better Grafting tools

    Quote Originally Posted by rrussell6870 View Post
    Great set up. Keep at it. Bet you are getting some nice mommas out of it. The color of the wax is a clear indicator that they are very well fed and that their are plenty of fresh nurses.

    We have used the paint brushes for years. They do work well, I just prefer the ss needle. We had been considering offering the brushes as well, but they are usually more expensive, and not very easy to locate a bulk supplier.
    I think I am getting some good queens - they seem big and healthy and lay good patterns at least. And the wealth of queens gives me options that I wouldn't have otherwise.

    Maybe I'll try a 000 brush one of these days, but after thinking about it the SS tool seems to work for me and is one that I can get used to using and will never change or wear out (as long as I don't lose it) and that is probably as likely a way as any for me to become proficient. I'm guessing that's also partly why it's used by pros.

    BTW, thanks for the encouragement and advice.

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    Default Re: Better Grafting tools

    Since I graft outdoors, I have already lost two of the German SS needles, somewhere in the sparse litter under my Mesquite tree. To my present one I tied a short piece of fluorescent green cord and then wrapped the handle in white vinyl electrical tape, to help hold the cord on and to provide additional spotting help. So far, so good.
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    Rpeters, what you will want to look for is a Sable bristled brush.000 size works well, but I have used ons as small as 10/0 and 7/0 (you can find a pic of one of these in a thread that Oldtimer started they described his method for graftless cell raising.. not sure which page, but its a great thread from a great mind, so it could never hurt to read the whole thing)...

    Joe, when using the brush method, I always just slide the brush reversed through a bit of rj, honey, or even my mouth (most used, always handy, so long as my foot isn't in the way ;-) ) the 10/0 is so tiny that you can barely see the bristles, so firming it up like this helps to keep it straight... then you simply touch the cell floor just behind the "C" and allow the bristle to curl under the edge. The larvae sticks to it very well and release is done the same way.


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