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I may be very wrong but after looking on line I don't think it would be all that difficult to modify Langstroth concept into these hives. The hives I saw had 10 frames with a front entrance. The back was a door that swung open, then there was a removable cross brace that held a frame with frame spacers and a ventilation panel. The spacer frame and ventilation panel are pried off to get to the bee frames. The top had an excluder on it and above that was a super that looked like a Lang dadant super. There were metal cleats on the side to keep the super and brood box in line. The brood box with door etc seemed a bit deeper than the super so there is a small shelf on the top of the back of the brood box. Seems that would keep the lower box physically stable. The bottom board appeared to be screened.
They seem to stack them directly side by side with 1-2 supers, then a shelf and the next row of hives goes into place.
If some else has different thoughts on this let me know.
Also the front entrance seems to have a landing board the flips up to close it and some seem to have a small entrance on the front of the supers.

Like to hear what others think. Modifying a Lang concept would be more cost effective than p[aying shipping from Slovenia. If cost was no issue order a dozen and go for it
If enough folks were interested it may be more cost effective to order a container as a group.

The Lang is so different that it might be hard to modify. You would have to connect the two deeps, make a back door and think of a totally different mechanism to slide the frames since the top bar is flat instead of curved. It would be great if we can figure out a design that can at least utilize the Lang frames. My friend Mark is looking into having a man in Michigan try to copy his AZ hive. We may have an answer in a few weeks if he can do it. There is also a lady in Georgia who is having her carpenter build some.