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    Wink Howdy from Omaha, NE

    Hello boys and girls! I'm a first season beekeeper just getting going. I'm pretty sure I've already made as many mistakes as some one can right off the start. My poor bees, what a disaster. I installed two packages April 16th (TBH), and I've already killed one of my hives and the other is hanging on by a thread. It's pretty embarrassing. I may be a bad bee keeper now, but I'm determined to stick with it and figure it out. I bought a swarm from a local bee guy two days ago, and I am DYING to crack the hood and take a peek. There was activity at the entrance yesterday during the short window without rain. Wish me luck. Hopefully over the years I will prove to have helped propagate strong healthy honey bees, and not been a detriment to their existence on the planet.

    If you want to read the specifics and see pictures of my bees you can here:

    I'm so excited about this forum. I've loved reading through and gleaning tons of good info from all of you who participate here. It seems like a very warm and welcoming community. Thank you to all of those of you who participate. Especially those of you who patiently field the newbie questions! Thank you!

    Warmly, Rebecca

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    Welcome Rebecca!


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