I just removed a feeder from one of my two hives and inspected the frames of the top brood box while I was at it. I found one frame of worker brood and FIVE frames of drone brood.

My hives, which were started from nucs last July, have a mixture of foundationless frames and frames with plastic foundation. The plan is to eventually have it all foundationless.

The one frame of worker brood was on plastic foundation. The five drone brood frames were all foundationless.

I realize foundationless frames produce more drones, but if the queen keeps this up, I'm going to have a brood box full of drones soon.

Is this something I should be concerned about?

I want to start up two foundationless hives from nucs this summer, but I'm having second thoughts if it means I'll get a hive full of drones. I live on the island of Newfoundland where the summer season doesn't last long, and as much I want my bees to thrive on foundationless frames, I want some honey too, honey that all those drones will be chowing down on.