My problem (and probably that of many hobby beekeepers) is not having enough resources to set up mating nucs when I have successfully grafted queen cells. In a couple of days I will have 12 queen cells ready to be put in mating nucs. It will take 12 frames of open brood plus 12 frames of honey to make up 12 2 frame mating nucs. That is the equivalent of one entire thriving hive. So say instead I combine bees from different hives by shaking them into a box then put them into the nucs with the frame of honey and an empty frame of drawn comb,along with the queen cell, then keep them confined and fed for say 2 days in a shed, will they reorient when they are released in their new location or will they go back to their original hive? In other words how long does it take them to forget where they come from?