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    Default Taste Worth Dying For

    The Heart Attack Grill just opened in Dallas. This has got to be the greatest thing ever.

    Some of the restaurant highlights:

    If you are over 350lbs you eat for free.
    Worlds Highest Butterfat Content Shake.
    Waitresses are dress in scantily clad nurse outfits.

    I canít wait to go there.

    Btw. The quadruple bypass burger is rumored to be 8000 calories.
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    Default Re: Taste Worth Dying For

    The more and more you tell the kids not to, the more and more they want to.

    Wow, what a marketing plan!
    I'd go... ...once a year maybe.

    Paul E. Turley

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    Default Re: Taste Worth Dying For

    wow, i guess everything is bigger in texas.. including the people. But seriously that sounds amazing. I've got feeling the 350+ thing won't last long though. You'd be amazed by the number of people that will come out for a free meal; especially obese people (i worked at golden corral for 6 years). I'll have to look out for it if I'm ever in Dallas.
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    Default Re: Taste Worth Dying For

    This was started here in Arizona, and that makes me proud Hooray for their "vision"
    Jim Andersen
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    Default Re: Taste Worth Dying For

    You know, they are looking for a new spokesman...

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    Default Re: Taste Worth Dying For

    Hmmm... deep frying in lard is a lot better for you than the trans-fat-loaded vegetable oils.

    I eat 2 lbs of bacon a week, fry everything in bacon grease... and I'm 6', 165 lbs.

    Maybe it's time to re-examine what conventional science (or marketing) considers healthy.
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