So my back finally gave out again. I have a lumbar disc that's bulging and when that sucker grabs the sciatic nerve in my back/leg it's total agony. I've used bees before and decided to try again. While hiving a swarm last week I took 5 workers and 'applied' them to my waistline where the pain was. Relief was almost instant. It doesn't last forever but if you've had back problems you know that any relief is welcome. I'd say I got 5 hours of pain relief from the apitherapy. I know it's not for everyone and that there are liability issues but speaking for myself, apitherapy works quite well. BTW. I do have a non-bee-related allergy that I cannot identify. I have multiple Epi-Pens on hand in case whatever it is hits me again. I'd recommend to anyone trying Apitherapy for the first time that they do so in the presence of a medical professional and/or an EpiPen handy.