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    Default Can stings help allergies/hayfever?

    I have a friend who gets terribly stuffed up with hay fever, allergies to cat dander, mold, dust, etc.
    I know eating honey is good for pollen allergies, but can sting apitherapy help him too? Honey probably won't help with his other allergies.
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    Default Re: Can stings help allergies/hayfever?

    Some people say it does. I dont know personally, but know some that swear by it.

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    Default Re: Can stings help allergies/hayfever?

    Bee stings, Mellitin, induce the body to produce immunoglobulin G. IG G is the natural response to any histamine reaction. So the more ig G that is produced from stings, the quicker the response.

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    Default Re: Can stings help allergies/hayfever?

    I am sure the bee stings in moderation have a beneficial effect, but what should I do if I knock off my hives (accidently) bees all over the place, I am trying to put all boxes together, and expecting stings I did not get any ???

    I am starting to think that my bees love me just like my dog, cat, and chickens.


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