I have a top bar observation hive in my yard which has been doing very well this spring. The hive contains a new package (hived in mid April) with an Italian queen and up until yesterday everything was looking good in there. The new bees were emerging from their cells and the bees were bringing in lots of nectar and pollen. They were working on the cherry trees in the yard. Yesterday my son noticed that there were dead and dying bees on the floor of the hive and on the ground in front of the hive. The bees that were dying were curled up a bit and looked sort of dazed and in some cases paralyzed. Does this sound like it might be the result of poisoning from herbicides/pesticides? The dandelions have started blooming here and quite a few of my neighbors have had the Chemlawn guy out to spray in the last few days.

I am wondering whether it would help to start feeding my bees again so that fewer of them will come in contact with whatever it is that is killing them. Or maybe there is really nothing I can do but watch.

I find this sort of sad and wish there was a better way of knowing exactly what is going on.