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    Default Deep to Medium Conversion Mistake

    I have 10 frame deep hives bodies loaded to the max with bees. Temperatures have been too cold to start spring clean up. The tree buds are just now swelling. This year I purchased 8 frame medium hive bodies thinking I needed lighter loads. My new queens are coming on Wednesday. All hives are in the yard ready to make splits and I just realized that I have an incompatibility issue. How do I accomplish the splits from a deep frame into a medium frame super?
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    Default Re: Deep to Medium Conversion Mistake

    Stack two mediums together and stagger frames deep, medium, deep, medium. Wait until the bees start using the medium frames, then move the mediums together and the deeps together, but use an excluder to keep the queen away from the deeps. After the deeps are free of brood you can move them out. If the bees add extension comb onto the medium frames you can trim it off, as appropriate - if it looks good you can tie it into its own frame.
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    Default Re: Deep to Medium Conversion Mistake

    I did a quick and dirty approach when I went to medium eight frames.
    But I had one deep and then mediums. Shook off bees from deep frame into med.
    Then used old table saw and cut frames down to med comb and all.
    Nailed the bottom of the frame back on after cleaning off the comb left after the cut.
    Mark the frame to be removed later so that you know which ones may be week because of no glue at joint at the bottom. Yes it made mess but seemed better than cutting
    out comb and rubber band back in.


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    Default Re: Deep to Medium Conversion Mistake

    Could consider just using the mediums as honey supers and order more large 8 frame boxes for brood. No cutting involved and easier to keep standard equipment. Should be able to shave off 20 pounds off each hive by switching from 10 to 8 frames.


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