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    Default ok to return frames after extracting?

    I'll be doing my first harvest soon. After pulling the a capped frame from the super, I was going to replace it with a new frame with new foundation. After extraction, I was going to set those frames out in the field for the bees to clean. But what about just putting them back in the super where they came from, removing the new frames I put in the day before?

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    Default Re: ok to return frames after extracting?

    That's what I would do! They will fill that drawn comb out a lot faster then foundation.

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    Default Re: ok to return frames after extracting?

    Not only so but, when you put wet comb on the hive the bees will clean it up in a fastidious way, out in the field they tend to tear it up more.
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    Default Re: ok to return frames after extracting?

    In the Southeast you will also find how many beehives are in the neighborhood you never new about. It usually ends bad for your hives unless you really close down the entrances.

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    Default Re: ok to return frames after extracting?

    Depends on your objective.

    Do you need to build up your supply of drawn frames? Then leave the foundation frames in there if there is a good flow on. If not, then replace them asap.

    If you do want to get the foundation drawn, then put your extracted frames back on the hive in another box on top - they'll clean them out in a day or two and you can take that box of drawn comb off for storage if it's not needed there and then.

    Either way, open feeding the extracted frames back to them ought to be your last option. You'll lose a lot of wax, kill a lot of bees in the frenzy and perhaps even start robbing in the hives themselves.

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