Now that we have a few acres, I need something to mow on a larger scale, move snow from the driveway, work up a future huge garden, post holes, etc. Working on a budget, so I'm primarily looking at older tractors, but a new Kubota would be the cat's meow. Here are today's options:

One- Ford 2N with a bush hog. Nice condition paint, except bad brakes, still 6Volt, runs like a top. $2,500 for both items.
Two- a 8N that has been completely overhauled, no implements with it. He has a 3-point blade that I'd like to team up into a deal with the tractor. $3,100
Three- 9N Paint is rough, looks like it never spent a night in a shed. Runs good, bad brakes (has brake bands he will throw in), converted 12Volt, 3-point spring tooth, some other misc. parts. He was going to rebuild, but just never got around to it. $1,500
> I can get a set of rear tire chains for these Fords for $175, unless I can talk the guy down.
Four- dang, just missed it, I was caller #2: IH 2424 (40 HP industrial) with blade, disc, tiller, two bottom plow, brush hog. $3,500.
Five- I can pick up a Farmall Cub & some implements fairly easily. Man, do I like those cute little tractors! But... no 3-point, PTO spins the wrong direction, only 9.6 HP drawbar, but they do make a front snow blade and a lot of implements that compliment these little guys.
Six- Ford 9N with a plow & disc. $2,500

All the Ford tractors are about the same distance, four different directions from me. Technically, a Ford 8N is the best of the Ford options, all things being equal. Both brakes are on the right side, four speeds not three, a teeny more HP,made from 48-52. The 2N's were made during WWII- 42-47. 9N's were made from 39-42 and the newer you go, the more options, HP, slightly better 'this and that', etc. All have 540 rpm PTO and Category I 3-point.