LOVE my foundationless foray using starter strips. After their first delay at doing their first two, they now prefer working on them to the foundation. I interlace foundation/starter strip/foundation and they make their own comb straighter and nicer than the foundation. No burr or brace problems. The difference is shocking. So glad I didn't listen to all of the nay-sayers. On the other side of this frame, they've stored honey in those giant cells, so that goes to show you they don't lay it full of brood. The eggs are now nice uncapped larva. I'll be curious if these will be drones or workers. My bets are on drones, but then again, these are large pure Russians-- they might want a bit more room.
Click for High-Res Photos: With great pictures of eggs! (Probably drones, but this shows I have one good laying queen in there-- somewhere!)

A comparison of foundation (top) and foundationless (bottom). The top one, of course, is older. But notice the size difference.

Pretty eggs!