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    Default RUSSIAN Queen Wanted in SE New Hampshire

    I may need to requeen one of my hives of Carnies. It is a new nuc from this year but I don't think it was a "real" over wintered nuke. One of the two nucs I can't find the queen and it did have Queen Cell near the top of one of the frames. The hive is REALLY, REALLY NASTY TOO!

    It is a weak nuc and we are already mid May..... Have to make a move here and am considering requeening.

    I am thinking of requeening and thought I would like to try a Russian Queen. My questions are:

    1) What are the advantages of a Russian Queen?

    2) Any idea where I can get one in SE New Hampshire?

    3) What are Russian Queen going for these days???

    4) I'm starting to hear Bad Things About The Russians? Are they still desirable or not?

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    Default Re: RUSSIAN Queen Wanted in SE New Hampshire

    Hey Bob,

    I'm also in SE New Hampshire (Just up 125 from you by looking at your signature)! I recently picked up a russian / carniolan cross queen from over in tyngsboro for $25 bucks, marked for free. I'm checking today to see if they released her.

    I've heard a lot of good things about Russians, but I'm pretty new to all of this. I was attracted to their mite resistance and tolerance for cold, long winters.



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