I wintered over two hives each with a deep and a super on top. At the beginning of the winter, the super was full of honey with the deep below containing the brood. When in began checking on them this spring, both had already started using the comb in the supers mostly cleared of honey for pollen and brood.

I eventually want to build each of these into having brood chambers two deep (two deeps below). The problem as I am looking at it is that now that they have started iincorporating the super as an extension of the brood chamber, I don't want to break this up by putting a deep with foundation in between. The growing colony would not only have to build out the comb, but would have the honey, pollen and some brood separated from the main brood area below.

So the questions I have are: Should I go ahead and put a deep above the super and have them expand into this? Should I separate the super from the deep by placing a second deep in between and hope they adjust? And, if I do add the deep on the top, when at a later time in the summer do I look to switch out or switch up the super being used presently for brood?

I guess I could consider going directly to adding a super on top what presently amounts to 1 and 1/2 boxes of brood, but up this way it is typically thought that two deeps are needed to give the best chance at wintering over.

Thanks for any opinions on my take and any ideas I am not thinking of.