Spent the morning inspecting hives.

Installed five 3# packages on March 17 in 8-frame medium hives. Have two strong hives from last year for a total of seven hives.

One on the new hives is struggling and upon inspection I see that there's not much drawn comb, a small bee count, most of which are drones. A very small section of capped brood and no queen.

The other new hives are thriving...one is up to three supers already.

Last year's hives came through the winter well and are expanding rapidly. One had several swarm cells that I cut out. Not sure if that hive had swarmed already but there were plenty of bees, stores, and brood remaining.

Anyway...Back to the queenless drone bachelor hive. One of the queen cells I cut out was active as she was chewing through the cap and I could see her moving around in the cell. She was maybe 25% through.

I scooped the cell up and grabbed a frame of brood from that hive and dropped them both in the 2011 queenless hive.

My guess is she'll be out this afternoon but I'm curious about acceptance rates on such short intro. Any similar experiences?