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    The very best thing i've found to treat bee stings and other insect bites and stings is Therapik.It's a portable battery operated device that when applied focuses heat to the sting site.Almost all insect venom is thermlabile and is neutralized by heat.I keep it in my pocket so it's always handy

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    Default Re: Normal sting reaction?

    If heat neutralizes the stings then mine shouldn't swell here in phoenix but they do.
    I'm new to bee keeping and got stung twice in the hand about a week and a half ago when I brought home the first hive, and it swelled good. Got another sting yesterday, in the other hand, and it swelled worse than the picture in this post, stung in the same place almost.

    Whats odd about the swelling in my hands is that when I got stung as a kid, stepped on a rotten log way out in the forest while deer hunting, and caught one in my helmet while riding dirt bikes, I didn't swell as bad then, but the last two stings I got from bees that flew in the window of my car while driving down the hiway, didn't hardly have any reaction outside of the slight pain from the sting, and very very little swell, but now I swell like the goodyear blimp, but these last one's are all hand stings.\
    Sounds like most stings are hand stings.
    I sit out by my hive in just my shorts and t shirt and flip flops, call me crazy, and have no problem while I watch the bees bring in pollen and whatever else, and I've even popped the top without smoke and not had any problems, but yesterday they decided to show me what they can do, and it has made me realize that the other bees were all wimps compared to these stings but seriously, I guess it's just the location on the hand that causes the big swelling. Hope that time eases the reactions liike I've read. Thanks for the post cause it makes me feel like I'm not such an odd man out, cause I was wondering why so much swell now when they were small the times before, years ago. Enjoy I'll wear gloves now, and my hood.


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