Morning all... Yesterday around noon I was tagged on my thumb while working my top bar hive. I was holding a bar at the time and it took a good 30 seconds or more to put the bar back in place, so I got a pretty full load of venom. Finished up, then took a benedryl.
At first, there was just some localized redness. After a few hours, the nearest joint became sore with some slight swelling and generalized itchiness in the immediate area. By bedtime, the sting spot became a slightly raised reddish bump.
This morning, the sting site looks more like a blood blister.

And the swollen, itchy area has expanded to the base of my thumb on the palm side and most of the back of my hand (enclosed in blue).

Also my wrist and elbow seem a little sore.

Is this within the range of a normal bee sting reaction, or should I be a bit more concerned?

Thanks - Bruce