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    Default Shipping queens out of state

    What kind of approvals are needed to ship queens to other states? If you have a local state inspection do other states accept this, or do you need explicit state-by-state approval?

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    Default Re: Shipping queens out of state

    Don't know if you have read any of my posts but I cannot ship. Here you have to have a $300 queen license. It comes with the tags and all. Allegedly one can ship them anywhere with that license. What i will be doing next year.
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    Default Re: Shipping queens out of state

    Every state has their own laws. Some have no restrictions. Most require an inspection certificate. A few require you to buy a license to sell queens in that state. That, of course, rules out small breeders like me who might only sell four or five queens in that state which would not even cover the trouble of applying for the license, let alone pay the fee for the license. You can find MOST of these laws posted on line these days under that state's web site, usually a search under "apiary" will find the answer.
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