Hello! I'm new to beekeeping and I'm picking up 2 packages today. I live in Manassas, Virginia. I have my hives built and placed in a spot in my yard. I took a class in April on beekeeping but I'm still pretty nervous about installing the packages. I have a couple questions and would appreciate any input you could offer!

1. Can anyone tell me how much sugar water they are going to need the first week? I'm kicking around the idea of adding a deep on top of the hive and placing an entrance feeder inside OR should I use a board feeder? The entrance feeder is a quart mason jar but the board feeder a lot more than that.

2. It's kind of late in the beekeeping season to get started. Is it too late? Are my chances of loosing the bees greater now than if I had started in April? Will there be enough nectar for them to build up enough stores for the winter?

Thanks in advance for your input!