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    Default caught my first swarm YAY!!! now what?

    As I had figured, my KTBH was waiting for a nice day to swarm, and today was that day (first day in 2 weeks since last sun sighting) I went out this evening to feed the deer and do my evening check on the bees, and there it was, 4 feet up in a multiflora rose bush (nasty things) But how lucky was I, couldn't be an easier catch. It was about basketball size. I ran and got the 5 frame nuc I had set out to try and catch the swarm (naturally, they didn't go there lol) Cliped some branches that were in the way, put nuc under the swarm and gave a shake. Just like in the videos, the bees that missed the box marched right in. It was almost like I knew what I was doing. So now comes the questions:
    1. Should I go out early tomorrow and close them in for a day or two? Plus, I want to move them about 10 feet.
    2. Is the 5 frame nuc to small for a basketball size swarm? I have a 10 frame deep available I can put them into. I'm pretty sure I should put them in the 10 frame, but how soon? Weather predictions, as they have been all spring, is 5 more days of clouds and rain.
    3. This swarm only went 35 feet away from original hive, I want to set this hive up about 15 feet from original hive. Is that too close?

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    Default Re: caught my first swarm YAY!!! now what?

    They will be wax making machines. Take advantage and give them plenty of frames to draw out. Congrats!
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