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    Smile SometimesI'm lucky enough to not be unlucky

    Been giving the bees all the room I thought they could "heat" so as to prevent swarming. Three deeps, a med, and,,, swarm cells. Found some last week with larvae. Figured I would scarf some because I really like this hive. ( swarm that "showed up" a year ago this week in an empty hive I had sittin in the driveway,,no treatments) Now, as many times as I looked for this queen, and I'm pretty good at spotting them, I only saw her once shortly after they moved in.
    The weather has been less than conducive to checking brood areas, cold temps and rain. I got in there today and made my mind up I was going to find her. I found lots of capped swarm cells and then, there she was. Petite lady. Then it dawned on me, weight loss for flight. Got her into my queen marking tube, marked her, and set her aside. Continued through the hive. Massive brood nest. She really did a great job laying before she was to depart. I took one frame that had a couple of swarm cells, some bees and put them in a nuc. Left the other cells. Grabbed a few frames of bees w/ brood, pollen and honey, put that in another nuc, and added the mother queen. Had I not put the queen tube open end downside on the frames, she would have flown
    What is a usual time frame for the mother queen to resume laying in her new home?
    Great day today unless I did it wrong

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    Default Re: SometimesI'm lucky enough to not be unlucky

    I did just as you to a number of hives. Then my weather turned bad. Now I've been experiencing a swarming nightmare. Check out my thread "tossed virgins photo".


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