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    Default Need swarm help quick

    Just walking up to check on my bee hives whe they swarmed. Some landing on me it took them about a half hour to settle down. I think I can get to them I have a nuc with some wax frames no comb. Also have some pherpmne lure and honey B healthy with lemongrass oil in it. Should I leve the lid on the nuc with just the small opening. set it close to them. What to do help!!!!

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    Default Re: Need swarm help quick

    It depends on what they are settled on. if you can easily shake them or put them in your box just do that. leave the lid off about an hour and most of them that are flying will move into the box. I would not use any lemongrass or HBH. Is your nuc box medium or deep frames? If you have a frame with open brood you could place in with them, that seems to help them stay a great deal.


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