Hello From Connecticut, I bought my first hive last year, a full grown 2-deep hive loaded with bees, I did get that one through this long winter and I started 3 packages a few weeks ago and all is well so far. I have been reading this forum for almost a year and just signed up. This info here is fantastic! I was raised on a dairy farm so farming is in my blood but now. I own a driving range in Connecticut where I have 2 of my new hives. I got into bees to help out the cause and I soon realized I have the perfect facility for a small bee school to help new-bees get into the hobby. My plan is simple: I will hire qualified beeks to give lessons and talks at my facility to help people decide if getting into bees is for them. Should they decide to get into it I will have hives ready to go all summer as well as advanced classes so they don't get discouraged by not being able to get what they want when they decide to "go for it". I hope to buy nucs and splits from local bee keepers to keep me stocked up and give them another source of income without going to look for it. OK, still in the planning stage but that's the gist of it.
I have to get my hives up and strong before I go much further and my wife cringes when I estimated the cost of opening a small bee store on the property I am already paying taxes and insurance on. Another flaw in the plan is I am working 70-90 hours a week as it is as a business owner, how will I manage another biz? I have another year to think it all out, any help would or advise would be appreciated.