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    Default Easiest free bees yet.

    I went to one of my remote locations and had 3 singles deeps that didn't make it thru the winter. So I stacked the hive bodies just so they would be ready for when I needed them. I put a bottom board on the bottom and another one on top, figured the other hives could rob the honey that was in there and free up some frames for me. No such luck, when I went to inspect the location I saw bees coming and going. Thought they were doing what I wanted them to do, nope, that hive is chaulk full of bees, with a VERY productive queen. Must have been a decent size swarm too since the hive is completely full of them. No bait except for drawn out frames and some honey, pollen, deadbees and a little bit of mold.


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    Default Re: Easiest free bees yet.

    The Honey Bee Mojo is working for you, that's for sure! Great story.......and a fitting ending for someone that lost a few hives over the winter. I wish we could all have that kind of luck! Awesome........thanks for sharing! :-)
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