Hello from Marietta, Georgia. I installed my first bees April 16th. In preparation I read Beekeeping for Dummies, info on the web, attended a great 'bee school' in February at the Cherokee County Bee Club, and continue to read, watch and learn. My six year old grandson is almost excited as I am as we watch the bees bringing in pollen and doing other cool things. Wish I had started this hobby sooner! Right now I have only one hive, but hope to have a second one next year.

I learned to make wine from a great website several years ago, and hope to have honey next year to make some mead, and give away some ( meadn and honey) to our friends . It took me a few years to make consistently good wine , and with the help of this website I certainly hope to improve my beekeeping skills. Looks like there are a lot of options and opinions for managing a hive, which is my main focus right now.

I made a rookie mistake the second time I opened my hive. How I dropped that frame on the ground is still somewhat of a mystery, except that I know I tripped . Talk about a lot of angry bees! Only got stung once, probably because I had just smoked them, and managed to step away, get a replacment frame, and close the hive. In 30 minutes they appeared to be back to normal, but I still felt pretty dumb. Checked the ground for the queen and did not see here anywhere, so hopefully she is still there. I'll know this weekend, when I plan to check for her and maybe mark her. Seriously considering getting a frame holder!

Thanks for the information you all make available. We newbees need all the help we can get! Jim