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    Default First ever cut out

    Did a cut out today on a old house was pretty big had enough comb to fit in 20 frames plus put alot of the capped honey into a bag its being filtered now. There was alot of brood but there was also alot of queen cells so we divided the queen cells into to hives and put as many bees as we could sweep out over several times into both hives. Guess we will see how it goes. Here is some pictures of part of the comb you cant see it all but you can see a big section of it.

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    Default Re: First ever cut out

    What a coincidence. I, too, worked on a cutout (well, sort of) in Bristol today, though on the TN side. This was a tree split in half by last week's storms. What a mess. Gotta go finish up tomorrow AM. -james


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