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    I am really new to beekeeping. My family gave me a hive for Christmas and had ordered a package w queen. I built the hive during January, read a couple of books (First Lessons in Beekeeping and Beekeeping for Dummies), attended a day long shortcourse. After 3 months of reading, I couldnt wait to do somthing.
    Picked up my package from Rossman's here in Moultrie on April 9, Saturday. No problems installing them. Next afternoon checked them, and the queen had not been released. Second day, she was free, but I didnt look hard for her - didnt want to disturb them too much. One week later checked again to make sure the queen was there. They were drawing out 4 frames and she was laying, so I shut it up and left them undisturbed for two weeks (other than adding new syrup to their feeder). Inspected the hive today (q-release day plus 21). Everything looked good. Honey cells solid across the top of both sides of 6 sides (3 frames), good solid brood pattern.
    How long will they keep drinking that syrup? I am in deep south Georgia (25 miles from Florida) and we have had nectar flow for several weeks now. Yet, they keep drinking, although slowing some. The first week they went through a quart a day. Now it takes 2 to 3 days.
    Sorry to be so long winded, but day 22 on your first hive is exciting.
    LesterC, Moultrie, Georgia

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    Lazy bees might keep taking syrup long after they need it.

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    If they were under alot of stress do to weather I would say keep feeding. Due to this time of the yr listen to american beekeeper he hit the nail on the head. Good luck dude.


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