So a friend of mine had a wild colony living behind the wall in one of his buildings for a few years. I agreed to remove them for him and just did my first cutout. I put some of the brood comb into frames in a hive, but I have a lot of comb left over -- some with just a little brood in it and some with a lot. Should I just throw all this out or is it worth melting down / rendering like I sometimes do with old comb. I'm not sure what to do about the capped larvae in the comb.

Also, regarding this brood comb: The stuff I kept went into a hive with bees immediately. But would that capped brood survive one night without being covered by bees in a cluster, in say 60 degree low temp? (in which case I'm wondering if I might have made a second hive up the next day -- its too late now but I'm wondering, for future reference).