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    Default First go at grafting success

    Looks like I got 6 capped queens out of 10 on my first ever graft. Most of the cells seem short to me though. I don't have pictures but is that typical?
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    Default Re: First go at grafting success

    Dissect a few wild cells and you will see that the business part isn't nearly as long as you think it is. Also count the depth of your cell cup as part of the cell, and they are probably fine. At least that's what I'm telling myself about my short cells. Anyway, once the queens are mated and laying they look big and fat and fine.

    While you have the cell starter all fired up graft some more.

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    I too have managed the raising of my own queens, I've had cells that appear rather small, and many that are moderately sizable, and sometimes I get a batch of cells that seem quite large. I haven't taken any measurements, but with careful observation most of the queens, at least in appearance, seem quite similar in size and performance (especially after they mate and begin laying), despite the size of the cell they were grown in.
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